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St Margaret's CEVA Primary School

Transforming lives by living and learning together in God's love

Staff 2023-24

Leadership Team 
Head TeacherRevd J Gunn (Adult Safeguarding Lead, Alternate DSL)
Deputy Head TeacherMrs S Cashen (Designated Safeguarding & Prevent Lead)
Assistant Head Teacher (EY and KS1)Mrs F Maudsley (Alternate DSL)
Assistant Head Teacher (KS2)Mrs J Febvre (Educational Visits Co-ordinator)
SENCoMrs S Sheeran 
Inclusion ManagerMrs D Richards  (Alternate DSL, Pastoral and Mental Wellbeing Lead)
Curriculum and Assessment LeadMrs K Brown
School Business Manager/Headteacher PAMs A Thomas-Dawes

Teaching Staff

Reception PenguinMr J Luetchford
Reception PuffinMiss C Elsdon  (Phase leader) 
Year 1 LionsMrs L Mayhew and Mrs T Curtis
Year 1 TigersMr L Peck
Year 2 GiraffesMr A Newson
Year 2 ZebrasMrs S Rodger and Mrs J Webster
Year 3 Sea TurtlesMiss T Benjamin (Phase Leader)
Year 3 SeahorsesMiss O Ross
Year 4 StarfishMr L Graham
Year 4 JellyfishMrs A Hall
Year 5 StingraysMrs S Izzard
Year 5 DolphinsMr J Harrison
Year 6 SharksMrs J Febvre and Mrs P Taylor
Year 6 WhalesMrs K Brown and Mrs S Elliott-Duff (Phase Leader)
Year 6 Booster TeacherMiss E Andrews
Early Years cover TeacherMrs K Gray
MusicMrs C Gower
Sports CoachMr B Durrant 
EAL SupportMrs R McLeod
Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs E Hart, Miss L Joshua and Mrs K Gray

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs M Keable, Mrs L Lillistone, Miss N Sage, Miss R Houghton and Miss M Brown

Year 1

Miss C Dozzell, Miss E Chamberlain, Mrs K Davies and Mrs C Jordan

Year 2

Miss S Choudhury, Miss H Wood and Miss M Whincop

Year 3

Mrs N Downey and Mrs D Bercea   

Year 4

Mrs Wray and Miss R Miller-Clark

Year 5 

Mrs M Anthony Raj, Mrs M Wahl and Mrs M Langbridge

Year 6

Mrs K Bridges and Mrs K Barnes



School Chaplain

Mrs K Barnes

Pastoral support staffMrs K Wilmot and Mrs D Ransome
Music TeachersMs H Burton (Violin)

Mr P Jackson-Smith (Keyboard tutor)


Mr M Kershaw (Woodwind)

 Mr M Garrido (Brass)
 Mr W Hessey (Guitar)
Support Staff 
School Business Manager/Headteacher  PAMs A Thomas-Dawes (Senior Management)
Finance AssistantMrs A Taylor
Premises, Health & Safety ManagerMrs L Stone
Admin AssistantsMrs B Needham
Admissions and Attendance OfficerMrs N Moore
CaretakerMr C Garwood
Cleaning OperativesMrs B Looney (Supervisor)

Mrs C Oliver


Mrs M Langbridge

Lunchtime Supervisory TeamMrs A Lovell (Supervisor)

Mrs F Smith


Mr R Lovell


Mrs N Kumari


Mrs L Begum


Mrs S Jafri                                          


Mrs F Kamboh

 Mrs C Thorpe
School Cook (Vertas)Ms J Dines 
Kitchen Staff (Vertas)Mrs B Looney                                         

Ms J Harvey


Ms S Winters