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St Margaret's CEVA Primary School

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Mrs A Hall - Music Coordinator

Mrs C Gower - Specialist music teacher

My interest in music began in primary school when I had the opportunity to learn the recorder. It allowed me to express myself in a new way and I loved the experience of playing in groups. In secondary school, I joined activities provided by the County Music Service and had the chance to progress on new instruments including the viola and flute. I progressed through all levels of the County Music provision and eventually was accepted to join Suffolk County Youth Orchestra. This gave me the opportunity to play in a full size symphony and visit Spain and Poland during the annual summer tour. My love of music and particularly playing in groups led me to complete a music degree. Since then I have continued to play in local orchestras and churches. Music is an amazing way of expressing our feelings, learning team work and making new friends. Mrs Hall

Music has the immeasurable ability to enrich lives by providing stimulation, inspiration and happiness. At St Margaret’s, we aim to give every single child the chance to ignite their own passion for music through the broad curriculum and opportunities we provide. An engaging musical education will not only build confidence and self-esteem, but also motivates and encourages young people to have high aspirations of what they can achieve in other areas of their life.

Key Stage Music Tuition

In KS2, we are pleased to be able to offer music tuition in woodwind (flute and clarinet), brass (trumpet and cornet), guitar, violin and keyboard. Pupils have group lessons once a week with a visiting specialist.

At the end of the school year, all pupils learning an instrument are invited to participate in the end of year concert. In July 2023, 70 pupils came together to perform to a packed audience in St Margaret's church.

Whole School Worship

Music is embedded in our whole-school worship both in school and during our weekly visits to church. Pupils enjoy singing together and develop a sense of community through music. Mrs Gower delivers weekly singing assemblies, where the children  learn and rehearse a variety of worship songs and hymns as a group. Music has the power to bring together the community and this is something we are extremely passionate about at St Margaret’s.

"If I cannot fly, let me sing". 


- Stephen Sondheim 

Our Music Policy

How can I support my child with their musical education at home?

  • Have music playing in the background as much as possible
  • Sing with your child
  • Make your own musical instruments using objects around the house
  • Encourage your child to make up their own song/piece of music
  • Play musical games e.g. call and response by tapping out rhythms/take it in turns to hum a familiar tune and asking the other person to name the song/musical statues/musical chairs
  • If possible, attend live theatre productions or concerts with your child. We are lucky to have some lovely theatres on our doorstep, as well as free access to events such as Ipswich Music Day in Christchurch Park each year