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Jellyfish - Year 4

Planting at Home

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PE - Dance During Lockdown

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From Monday 29th June Jellyfish Class are using Microsoft Teams to set work for pupils at home.


Please refer to the email set from Miss Kidby for instructions on how to access Microsoft Teams.


If you have difficulty accessing Microsoft Team, please email the school on the email address given in the letter about Microsoft Teams.


A wonderful candle and water investigation by a Year 4 pupil.

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If you want to do this investigation YOU MUST HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU. Please watch Mr Waterman's video to see the Health and Safety advice before you try the investigation.

Water, oil and food colouring - conclusion

Friday 26th June: Water, oil and food colouring investigation

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Thursday 25th June: Spelling Test

Candle in a Jam Jar 2

You must have an adult with you to do this investigation. What happens when you burn a candle in a jam jar placed in water? How to prove air is made up of ap...

Science photos

Hello Jellyfish, 


I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends and are ready for some more learning!


From now on both Mr Harrison and I are in school all week teaching so you might notice some small changes in the class page and the feedback.


Have a good week of Home Learning and keep sending me your work and photos.


Take care and stay safe.


Mr Waterman

Work for the 22nd to 26th June



Coordinating Conjunctions

Year 4 - Using coordinating conjunctions. Remember FANBOYS - For And Nor But Or Yet So

Non-chronological Report


Candle in a Jam Jar 1

You must have an adult with you to do this investigation. A science investigation for Year 4 to prove that air is made up of approximately 20 percent oxygen.


Tudor Houses

Tudor Houses in Lavenham


Hall of Fame (The Script) for Glockenspiel. Beginner Lesson for WCET Summer Term, Session 5

Play Hall of Fame (The Script) for Glockenspiel. A Suffolk County Music Service piece for beginners in their first year of learning. Visit our website and fo...

PE and Yoga

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness all about DOGS! 🐕🐩🐶

Enjoy a woof-tastic mix of dog and puppy themed kids yoga and mindfulness videos to help kids self-regulate and understand how to train their attention. 0:00...

Top Tips for Parents: Safety Online During Remote, Home Learning.

Guided Relaxation for Kids - to help us let go of our worries...

Peace Out | The Bye Bye Boat Jaime reads a calming guided relaxation to help us deal with anxiety. We discover the Bye Bye Boat - and it takes all of our wor...

How to Get Epic an online library.


Get Epic

Epic is a fantastic online library. It is free until the end of June. I have set you all some books to read but then you can look around the whole library and choose your own books. There are 'read to me books' that read to you! There are audio books and films too. I can see who has been on get Epic and see which books you have read and how long you spent reading.

As it is an American website the class system is different. Grade 3 in America is the same as Year 4 in the UK.


I hope you enjoy reading the books available on EPIC.


Our class code is qnd1545


An Hour of Coding

As this is an American website choose the Grade 2 to 5 activities.


Keeping Safe on the Internet at Home.

Feedback on your work.

I would love to see some of your maths work on Time.

It can be from this week or last week. You could send in one sheet - Hot, Hotter or Hottest or the whole workbook.


Just take a photo of the whole page and attach it to an email. Please include your child's first name in the email so I know who did the work. I will then give feedback by email. The work will not be put on our web page, unless I ask for specific permission from the parent sending the work because I want to use it as an example of good work.


Please send your work to starfishandjellyfish2020@gmail.com  

Please make sure to title the email JELLYFISH.


TT Rock Stars

TT Rock Stars is a great way to practice your times tables

Start with a sound check, then head for the studio and finish up in the Arena.

Have a go 2 or 3 times a week.





As you know, I am off to start my new adventure. Thank you so much for making my time at St Margaret's so enjoyable. I will be thinking of you all and I know you are all going to be great. 


I hope that this is just a goodbye for now and that I will see you soon.


I hope you are all safe and well and I could not have been prouder to call myself your teacher. 


From Mrs Pipe



E-Safety - as we are all spending more time than usual on our computers here are a few internet safety tasks to remind you how to stay safe.

Mrs Templeton is missing helping you so she has created her own classroom

A classroom of cats!
Doing some maths
A a little bit of English too

Mrs Oldfield has been busy

She has been decorating her bathroom
Looks like hard work

Here is a challenge for you! I have finished this picture off too. Will anyone get the same as me?

Daily exercise

Mrs Pipe feeling confident about doing a workout
Oh Dear!

Here are my super cute bunny rabbits enjoying social distancing!

This is Mr Floofy and Missy. They rule the roost!

I hope you had fun making some pop art. Here is my piece of art. I was very proud of it - I think you can tell. And of course I signed my artwork. I hope you did too! Thinking of you all.

Free apps and websites 


Several online companies are opening their websites or apps for free over this time to support children learning from home.


Here is a message from one company

This app is designed to help children learn to read so will not be appropriate for all especially more confident readers but I wanted to make you aware of the resource.


Teach Monster is a app to help kids learn to read in school and it'll be free to use at home due to coronavirus disruption. Download free this week on Apple: apple.co/2V92VL5, on Amazon (from Thurs) amzn.to/2VgOwfR, or 0.99 on Android: bit.ly/2cohkeR


Times Table Rockstars has a partner program called NumBots which has been made available currently for 60 days free of charge. You can access it through TTR using the password you were given at the start of the year. 


Amazon has opened up their book streaming for audio books for everyone during this different time. There are so many popular books that you can listen to for free.