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Dolphins - Year 5

Mon 1 6 20

Dear Dolphin's,

We hope you've had a lovely half term and enjoyed the weather and hopefully getting out and about a bit more! So this week we have lots of new activities for you so please check them out and have a look at what the homework is this week. Some of you will receive a phone call from Mrs E-D this week and some of you will have one from Mrs S next week. It will be from a with held number if your parents wonder who it is! It's just a quick check in call with you (the children) as we miss you!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work this week!

Mrs E-D & Mrs S laugh



We will be giving marking and feedback on one piece of work per child per week.

All work should be sent to  dolphinsyr5@gmail.com

* We will indicate at the beginning of the week which piece of work would be the most suitable.  If you are particularly pleased with a different piece of work, or need help, then of course you may send that instead.

* The work for this week, beginning Monday 1st June, is outlined below and we would like the work emailed back to us by Monday 8th June. You have one week to complete this.

* Please complete your work in an editable format such as Word, PowerPoint or Publisher; or a photo if you make a poster.


Thank you!


Feedback piece - a non-fiction information text.

The document below outlines the task for this week which is based on the science also included this week.  There is a success criteria including the features you need to include and which we will be giving feedback on as well as a couple of handy examples too!  We look forward to seeing your writing masterpieces!  Have fun.

Keep in touch..

We'd love to see what you are all up to and have a reminder of your smiling faces (!)


  • You can send in one photo each week for us to display on this web page.
  • The photo should show what you have been up to with your Home Learning.
  • If you are in the photo, make sure it doesn't show your name.
  • If you are not in the photo, just put your first name.
  • All photos should be landscape.
  • New photos will be uploaded ready for Friday each week.


Send your photo to Dolphins Class' email address as shown above.                       

In the subject box, please write, 'Photo - Dolphins'.


You must make sure you have your parents' permission to send in any photos.

* Finally - scroll to the bottom of the page for the final chapters of Nim's Island *

WHAT IS GOING ON? If you aren't really sure about the virus causing all of the changes around us, take a look at this excellent book designed just for children!

Marvellous Maths- 1.6.20

This week we are sending you to the White Rose page, in conjunction with the BBC Bitesize page, as they have videos and tasks (with answers) for the children to do daily. You don't need to print off the sheets the children could just write down their working out and answers on a piece of paper.


Maths Links

Making the most of Maths at home!

Making the most of Maths at home! 1 White Rose decimal addition - great work
Making the most of Maths at home! 2 Roll the dice decimals - all ticks too!

Excellent English and Super SPaG - do one of each every day to make your teacher shout 'Hurray!'

English for summer term week beginning 1.6.20

We are starting a new book this half term. Read the pdfs for each session first because sometimes you need to listen to the chapter first and sometimes you need to do the work first and listen afterwards! There isn't a chapter for every session.

Session 1 - Listen to chapter 1

Session 2 - Listen to chapter 2

Session 4 - Listen to chapter 3

Session 5 - Listen to chapter 4

Writing expectations for Year 5 - so you know what you should be aiming for!

SPaG for week beginning 1.6.20 modal verbs and adverbs

Radical Reading

Whilst you're at home we would like you to read whatever you're interested in, any kind of genre just read everything and anything (with your parents permission of course). We just want you to enjoy whatever you're reading so you don't lose the love for it. The reading comprehension tasks are an added extra onto whatever you're reading any way.


Reading Comprehension - Each sheet has 3 levels of difficulty 1 star being the easier level up to 3 being the hardest. 01.06.20

Reading Comprehension - If you struggled with the reading above try this 01.06.20

Sensational Science - We will be focusing on living things this term - that's a biology subject.  We will be setting weekly activities and including an explanatory power point to support your (already, no doubt, very good) knowledge and understanding.  Think about your learning in relation to you and what's around you !  Have fun

Week 5 - 1.6.20. Metamorphosis.

Send in a picture of Science at home

Send in a picture of Science at home 1 Excellent knowledge on naming parts of a flower.
Send in a picture of Science at home 2 How do flowers get pollinated?
Send in a picture of Science at home 3 Sorting pollination facts
Send in a picture of Science at home 4 Excellent understanding of old age.

Pulse-racing PE

Here are a couple of quizzes from Mrs Bigley as well as a couple of links to website to help you keep active. You can email your quiz back to her via this email address -stmargaretspe2020@gmail.com

Coach Carl's Tennis at Home - 4. Volleys, volleys and more volleys

Basic tennis skills you can try at home. Today's session continues to build basic volley skills (no bounce) but now extends to include the backhand volley. O...

Challenge 3 - 2.6 UK Charity Volley Challenge

Challenge 3 - Here it is, the compilation video of our #2.6UKCharityChallenge. This challenge was linked to the 2.6 UK Charity Challenge with players trying ...

Working out at home - send pics of you 'feeling the burn'!

Working out at home - send pics of you 'feeling the burn'! 1 Great plank action shot

Invigorating IT 

Resplendent RE

Our topic for this half-term in RE is Pilgrimage.  Using the resources provided - talk to your child about the key question (they will be used to this and know that each lesson gives them knowledge and understanding to answer the question at the end of the half-term).  Then, starting with the learning objective, go through the activity including the video links provided.  Thought bubble questions entail having a quiet think and then sharing your answers, speech bubble questions involve discussing your thoughts with a partner and there is a final task too.

Please send in any photos you take of you all doing this activity - we have an RE scrapbook to fill for each topic so any pictures, comments and ideas are always welcome!

Fantastic French - Have a go at the sheet below and use toe vocabulary sheet to help if not Google translate is very helpful! 01.06.20

Awesome Art Action 01.06.20 - with a focus on all things Japanese- This week we are looking at recreating a famous artists work. In particular 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' There are a few links to follow on how to recreate it and also a link about making your own paint to paint it with.


Task 6 - 01.06.20

Beautiful blossoms at home.

Fluttering fans for those hot days.

Fluttering fans for those hot days. 1

Awesome origami

Awesome origami 1 Beautifully folded origami animals!

History  1.6.20

We are looking at our home town of Ipswich this half term.  We usually have a walk around the town centre but as we are currently unable to do so we will make use of Google maps and street view.


SEND - home learning

Nim's Island - final chapters.

Chapter 8

Nim's Island Chapter 9.mp3

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Questions to ask your child when they are reading