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Remote Learning

In the uncertain times that we are currently living in, it is important that we are fully prepared for the possibility that we may have to have a full or partial closure of school depending on the local Covid-19 situation. There will also be instances where individual children will be self-isolating due to coming into contact with a positive case of Covid 19. 


As a school we are producing detailed plans for remote education so that children will have access to a high quality education at home, involving daily videos from your child's class teacher (health permitting) and links to the National Oak Academy.


The main source of communication between the teacher and home when remote education is taking place is Microsoft Teams. Please ensure that you are able to access your child's MS Teams account and let their teacher know if you are unable to access it. There is also an email address that you can contact your child's class teacher on.


In the event of a lockdown, we will be keeping in touch at least weekly with all pupils by phone, their work will be marked and they will receive feedback on progress. The aim is to spend 3 hours a day on learning, consisting of an hour each of maths and English and one other subject set by the teacher.

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Remote Learning Offer