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St Margaret's CEVA Primary School

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DT Long Term Plan




Year 1


Freestanding structures



Freestanding structures – making a Billy Goats Gruff Bridge

Learning about freestanding structures within our environment and designing and making our own Billy Goats Gruff Bridge.


Design and make a bird themed souvenir


Bird Feeders

Exploring different types of bird feeders before designing, making and evaluating our very own Bird feeder.


Sliders and levers



Moving space pictures

Learning about how to create sliders and levers, and then using these to create a moving space picture.


Year 2

Templates and joining



Capes for Traction Man

Textiles -Templates and joining techniques to create a new cape for Traction Man


Preparing fruit and veg – making fruit smoothies



Preparing fruit and vegetables – Creating an African Fruit Smoothie


Wheels and axles




Mechanisms -

Wheels and axles – Creating a catapult



Year 3

2d shape to 3d product – sewing


“Ugg the stone age boy” - Sewing

Making soft trousers for Ugg

Shell structures




Making model pyramids for a class museum display


Healthy and varied diet



Making Wraps

Investigating and making wraps to take on a journey when following a map

Year 4



Pavilions - Monarchs

Levers and linkages


Romans – Lever and linkages


Simple circuits and switches

Electricity - Torches

Making a nightlight

Year 5

Mechanical systems -  gears, levers and pulleys

“The Iron Man” - Cranes

Making a crane to pull the Iron Man out of a hole

Super salads


A healthy lifestyle – Super salads

Frame structures


Bird Hides

Year 6

Structures –making replicas of WW1 trenches


“Stay where you are and then leave” - WW1 model trenches


Creating replica/model WW1 trenches for

the purpose of displaying and educating a person/people.


Using different mechanisms for performace


Macbeth- creating character puppets and pop up scenes





The year 6 bake off – to design and create a themed cake.