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CHAIR            Julia Stell

VICE CHAIR      Emily Sullivan

TREASURER      Donna Deer

SECRETARY       Hannah Kirk

St Margaret’s School PTA is a registered charity. Our aims are to help develop closer relations between the school and parent and to raise funds for equipment and facilities that benefit the children.


At the moment we have a committee of about twelve parents and teacher representatives BUT WE REALLY NEED MORE! We meet once a month at 8pm in the Woolpack.


If you would like to join the PTA please feel free to come along or speak to one of the committee members above. If you would like to join but are unable to come to the meetings, but can help out at any event please email us to let us know.


As well as the PTA Committee we thankfully have support from many parents who help by giving their time to run stall, donate prizes, make cakes etc. at our events.


If you have ideas for events or comments on anything please either let one of the committee know or email us.


The more people who help, the more fun it is for everyone!

It has been a really busy year for the PTA, we have had Quiz Nights, Pop up Stalls, the Christmas Bizarre and of course the Summer Fete.

We have raised a £9,922 this year, so it only remains for us to say a huge thank you to all of the Parents and Guardians who volunteered to help out at events, helped organise events and came along to events and supported them. We really rely on your help and support and we are truly grateful, so thank you all so much.

This year we have bought the school, musical instruments, maths equipment, play equipment, contributed to school trips, books and £6000 alone on computers for the school.

As well as lots of changes at the school there are also a lot of changes within the PTA as well. Julia Stell is standing down as Chairperson and will be leaving St Margaret’s altogether. Julia has been an excellent Chair and has tirelessly worked towards making all of the events a great success. I am sure that you will all join us in saying a huge thanks to her for all her hard work.

As well, as loosing Julia, sadly we are also loosing Donna Deer our excellent Treasurer. Donna has been on the PTA committee the longest and has been so helpful in making sure that the newer members of the team were brought up to speed when they took over. She has also been responsible for all of the finances which she has done amazingly, as well as all the organising, planning and volunteering that goes with being a member of the PTA. Donna is also leaving St Margaret’s at the end of the school year, so again Donna, lots of luck and thank you!

Finally, the final member of the PTA committee who is stepping down a Vice-Chair is Emily Sullivan. Emily has been instrumental in planning, organising and running events for the school over the last two years, especially with regards to installing the play equipment at the school. Luckily we still have Emily who will still be an active member of the PTA, as she is only stepping down from the committee. We wanted to recognise Emily’s efforts and thank her for all her hard work.

This then leaves us with a new committee, from September 2017 the new committee members will be as follows:

  • Becky Boyton – Joint Chair
  • Hannah Kirk – Joint Chair
  • Sarah Hayward-Cox – Joint Secretary
  • Laura Elliot – Joint Secretary
  • Laura Kolick – Treasurer

I am sure that you will join me in welcoming the new members and thank them for volunteering for such important roles to ensure that money continues to be raised for the school.


Future Dates and Events

All dates of events and meetings will be arranged early in the new term.

And Finally


Please remember to join the PTA Facebook group (search for St Margaret’s C of E Primary Ipswich PTA) and feel free to contact us by any method with any suggestions, comments or feedback.

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Please contact us with any ideas, feedback or offers of help.