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Zebras - Year 2

Hello Zebras

We hope you all enjoyed your Half Term Holiday.

I wonder if you did any of the '5 Fun Things' activities during the week?

Scroll down to find all your learning for this week.




Keep in touch, keep safe and keep smiling

Miss Pignon, Miss Peats, Miss Whincop and Mrs Keable 



Did you know?

Our new zebras - Max, Parsley, Fennel and Sage - have an interesting fact about themselves to share with you . . . 

You know that zebras live in Africa, but did you know that there are actually 3 different types of zebra?

We are Chapman's zebras.  We live in family groups called 'herds'.  In our herd, Max is the male stallion - he's in charge.  Parsley is a young male and Fennel and Sage are females.

I expect you know that zebras are found all over Africa but did you know where Chapman's Zebras come from?  We are found in southern Africa.  You can spot us in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Botswana.  Can you see our homes on the map?



Welcome back!

Hello from Miss Whincop

BBC Bitesize Daily

These daily lessons come with extra resources online.

The 20 minute lessons can be found on the Red Button or on BBC iPlayer.

There is a new lesson everyday, Monday - Friday.

Fun and interactive lessons to cover Maths, English and other subjects too.


Miss Pignon's been enjoying today's lesson.yes

June Maths Challenge

Become a Maths Ninja with this month's challenge.

Use Numbots or Times Table Rock Stars to give your number skills a workout at least 4 times a week.

Ask an adult to sign the chart to show how much you're practising.


The more you practice, the quicker you'll get and the easier you'll find Maths.

Scroll down the page to find. . . 


  • Birthday Corner
  • Zebras at Home Photo Board
  • Take a look at an online book - Listen to a story read by someone from school
  • Daily PE Lesson
  • We're all going to the zoo today
  • Something For Fun
  • Zebras Weekly Learning Zone
  • Weekly High Scores
  • What Ziggy our class zebra has been up to
  • Useful information to support your child's learning
  • Previous Learning


Birthday Corner         

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Annie, Chloe and David

Happy Birthday to you!


Wishing everyone a ‘Happy Birthday’ who has a birthday in June


From Miss Pignon, Miss Peats, Miss Whincop and Mrs Keable


If you've had a birthday, why not send us in a photo?  

Year 2 Photo Board


We would love to see what you are up to each week so we are creating a Year 2 photo board.


  • You can send in one photo each week for us to display on this web page.
  • The photo should show what you have been up to with your Home Learning.
  • If you are in the photo, make sure it doesn't show your name.
  • If you are not in the photo, just put your first name.
  • All photos should be landscape.
  • New photos will be uploaded ready for Friday each week.


Send your photo to:


In the subject box, please write, 'Photo - followed by your class'.


You must make sure you have your parents' permission to send in any photos.

Fun in the Sun

Still image for this video



Take a look

at an online book


We all enjoy looking at and listening to stories, so why not listen to a story online?

You can even become an illustrator of books.


https://www.storylineonline.net/   There are lots of stories for you to listen to


http://www.robbiddulph.com/draw-with-rob      10:00am Tuesday and Thursday – Draw with Rob 


https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/    11:00am Daily Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Story Time 9 with Miss Whincop

Daily PE lesson

9am every morning - Monday to Friday.  

#PE with Joe     See you there!  



Why not have a go at the Shrek Dance with Oti Mabuse?



Mrs Bigley has signed St Margaret's up to take part in this amazing Olympic Games challenge.

Check out this website to see how you can take part, keep active, and earn points for our team.


You'll need our school postcode: IP4 2BT

Miss Pignon has already logged her morning run!

60 Second Challenge

Each week there will be a new challenge to try at home.  Use the Record Sheet to keep track of how you get on.  Can you beat the others in your family?


The Tokyo Ten challenges are new ideas to help you log your exercise on the Get Set website.


Zebra class met their goal last week - keep up the good work people!

We're all going to the zoo today. . . 

These Mountain Chicken Frogs can jump over a metre.



Something For Fun

Don't forget Golden Time on Thursday


Each week we will be putting up some fun things for you to do

In America, a nickel is 5 cents, like our 5p coin.

Under the Sea Colouring

A Song for Fun

Zebras Weekly Learning Zone

This week for the Marking and Feedback Task we would like you to email in a Maths multiplication task by 3:00pm on Friday 5th June. 

Miss Pignon will be posting a video on Tuesday to show you what to do.

More details can be found in our Useful Things to Help section.

At school, Friday's are normally our Celebration Assembly.


Well done for everyone who took part in ‘Read something each day, during the month of May’ Reading Challenge – remember to keep up all your great reading in June!


We have seen lots of great learning in May, well done to everyone who has sent in their Green to Grow Task. 


To celebrate both these tasks ask your adult to print out the certificates below, and get them to write in your name.

Thursday 4th June - Guided Reading - Around the World in 80 Days

Thursday 4th June - SPaG - Punctuation

Thursday 4th June - Science Experiment

Join Miss Pignon for our Science Experiment

I hope your experiment goes better than hers!

Monday 1st June - SPaG - Punctuation

Monday 1st June - Spellings

Monday 1st June - Reading Activity

Join Miss Pignon on Tuesday for a lesson on Multiplication Word Problems

This is the task that we would like you to email in to us this week.
Make sure it arrives by 3pm on Friday 5th June. We will mark it and return it to you with your Green to Grow.
More details can be found in the 'Useful Information' section further down the page.

Monday 1st June - e-safety

Monday 1st June - RE Lesson 5

Find out what your RE Challenge is

Thursday 21st May - Guided Reading - Plastic Pollution

Thursday 21st May - Art - Recycling

Join Miss Pignon for our Science Experiment this week

Monday 18th May - Our Topic for the next two weeks is The Environment

Our English text for the next two weeks

Listen to the book before you do Lesson 1

Monday 18th May - English - 10 things I can do to help my world

Why not join Miss Peats on Tuesday for Lesson 2?

This is the piece of work we would like you to send in by 3:00pm on Friday 22nd May, so we can mark it.  Instructions of what to do can be found at the top of the page.  Happy Writing!

Monday 18th May - SPaG - Tense

Monday 18th May - Spellings

Monday 18th May - RE - Lesson 4

Monday 18th May - e-safety

High Scores

Thursday 4th June 2020

High Scores


Times Table Rock Stars

Monster Reading







1st place







2nd place







3rd place







Ziggy's Adventures

Ziggy's Adventures                                      Monday 1st June 2020


The other day, Miss Whincop said it would be nice if we went on a picnic.  That was exciting!  While we got ready (we had to put some sunscreen on to look after our skin) Miss Whincop went and got some lunch for us.  She got us some crisps, a roll with a filling, an apple and a drink.  She got it all prepared with a plate, bowl and a cup.  She took them outside and we followed behind her. She laid a rug onto the grass and then placed the cutlery down.  She asked us to get ready (we had already washed our hands) so we took our places on the rug. 


The roll was yummy and between us it was gone in a  matter of mouthfuls!   It was a hot day so Miss Whincop poured our drinks for us, and we slurp slurp slurped it all.  The crisps were very cheesy and they really didn't last long either!  Then it was the apple and that was crunchy crunchy crunch.   After we had eaten, we took our time chilling out on the rug in the sun. 


It was a lovely day.

Useful information to support your child's learning

Instructions of how to make a book

Computing - How to log on to BBC Dance Mat

Accessing Oxford Owls, Numbots, Times Table Rock Stars and Teach Your Monster to Read

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