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Stingrays - Year 5

Welcome back to our class page


Have a fantastic, well-deserved summer break.




Stingrays Photo Board

We are missing seeing you so much! 

These photos are terrific. We are so pleased you are sharing them. Thank you.


     *You can send in photos each week for us to display on this web page

     *The photo should show what you have been up to with your home learning

     *If you are in the photo make sure it does not show your name

     *If you are not in the photo, just put your first name

     *Please have your photo in landscape

     *New photos will be uploaded each week


You must make sure you have your parents' permission before you send in any photos.


Send your photo to:


A note about reading

Reading is very important. Make sure you read every day. Find a comfy place to sit and build reading into your daily routine - you may find it is the best part of your day! Read anything and everything you are interested in. I go to the library a lot and always have library books to read. However, at the moment libraries are shut so I'm searching my own bookshelves for any book I haven't read and am also returning to old favourites to read them for the second or third time! (Yes, that's really true). Happy reading, Mrs W yes

Whilst we are talking about reading, you might fancy a little read about all this Coronavirus business and why it is important to keep practising our social-distancing.