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Stingrays - Year 5

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New half term greetings


We continue to give marking and feedback on one piece of work per child per week.

All work should be sent to  stingraysstmargaretsipswich@gmail.com

* We will indicate at the beginning of the week which piece of work would be the most suitable.  If you are particularly pleased with a different piece of work, or need help, then of course you may send that instead.

* The work for this week, beginning Monday 1st June, is outlined below. We would like it emailed back to us please by Monday 8th June. We look forward to seeing it!


Feedback piece 1.6.20

The piece of writing we are setting this week is based on the Science lesson also included this week.  It will be in the form of a non-fiction information text and we have provided the success criteria which we will be focusing on in the document below.  There are also a couple of handy examples to help you along!  Have fun!

Scroll to find below:

Stingrays Photo Board











Additional websites you may find useful



Stingrays Photo Board

We are missing seeing you so much! 

These photos are terrific. We are so pleased you are sharing them. Thank you.


     *You can send in one photo each week for us to display on this web page

     *The photo should show what you have been up to with your home learning

     *If you are in the photo make sure it does not show your name

     *If you are not in the photo, just put your first name

     *Please have your photo in landscape

     *New photos will be uploaded each week


You must make sure you have your parents' permission before you send in any photos.


Send your photo to:


Maths for summer term week 6   1.6.20
Here is this week's Ninjas.

Maths this week is using White Rose & BBC Bitesize as the usual introduction.  The work is below, a support option is clearly shown.

Please remember to not attempt everything.  You will not get 'behind' in your learning.  The whole country is in a similar situation.  Balance learning time with family time.  

English for summer term week beginning 1.6.20

We are starting a new book this half term. Read the pdfs for each session first because sometimes you need to listen to the chapter first and sometimes you need to do the work first and listen afterwards! There isn't a chapter for every session.

Session 1 - Listen to chapter 1

Session 2 - Listen to chapter 2

Session 4

Session 4 - Listen to chapter 3

Session 5 - Listen to chapter 4

A note to adults helping pupils with their writing activities

Below we have included the writing expectations for Year 5. Please encourage your child to use these features in their work. Obviously, it's impossible to include everything in one piece of work but it gives you an idea of where we are headed.

SPaG for week beginning 1.6.20
Usually we would talk about SPaG in class so while you are at home you may need to discuss what you are required to do with an adult. There will be new SPaG next Monday.
Spellings and support for week beginning 1.6.20
Practise each day this week and ask someone to test you on Friday; you can keep a record of your weekly scores. There will be new spellings next Monday. wink

A note about reading

Reading is very important. Make sure you read every day. Find a comfy place to sit and build reading into your daily routine - you may find it is the best part of your day! Read anything and everything you are interested in. I go to the library a lot and always have library books to read. However, at the moment libraries are shut so I'm searching my own bookshelves for any book I haven't read and am also returning to old favourites to read them for the second or third time! (Yes, that's really true). Happy reading, Mrs W yes

Whilst we are talking about reading, you might fancy a little read about all this Coronavirus business and why it is important to keep practising our social-distancing.
Extra support week beginning 1.6.20 
Here is some work specially for you. You will need to read the story "Starry Eyed Stan" first. It takes a minute or two to load so give it time. To turn the pages you need to press the arrow keys on your computer.

Mrs Bigley would love to hear from you if you are able to calculate a mile and complete the challenge. If space is an issue, would you be able to do the skipping challenge?

If you complete and email any of these to Mrs Bigley she will email you in return a certificate. There are also quizzes to try.

Mrs Bigley's email address is   stmargaretspe2020@gmail.com

Coach Carl's Tennis at Home - 4. Volleys, volleys and more volleys

Basic tennis skills you can try at home. Today's session continues to build basic volley skills (no bounce) but now extends to include the backhand volley. O...

Challenge 3 - 2.6 UK Charity Volley Challenge

Challenge 3 - Here it is, the compilation video of our #2.6UKCharityChallenge. This challenge was linked to the 2.6 UK Charity Challenge with players trying ...

Are you trying the daily PE with Joe Wicks?  Yet another generous person donating for free his time and talents to support us all. 
Science for summer term    1.6.20
We will be having a look at living things this half term - that’s a biology subject.  We will be setting weekly activities and including an explanatory PowerPoint to support your (already good) knowledge and understanding.  Think about your learning in relation to you and what’s around you.  Have fun.

Lesson 5 - 1.6.20. Metamorphosis.


Our topic for this half-term in RE is Pilgrimage.  Using the resources provided - talk to your child about the key question (they will be used to this and know that each lesson gives them knowledge and understanding to answer the question at the end of the half-term).  Then, starting with the learning objective, go through the activity including the video links provided.  Thought bubble questions entail having a quiet think and then sharing your answers, speech bubble questions involve discussing your thoughts with a partner and there is a final task too.

Please send in any photos you take of you all doing this activity - we have an RE scrapbook to fill for each topic so any pictures, comments and ideas are always welcome!


Awesome Art Action 01.06.20 - This week you are looking at a famous Japanese artist called Hokusai.

Awesome Art Action - with a focus on all things Japanese- This week we are looking at recreating a famous artists work. In particular 'The Great Wave of Kanagawa' There are a few links to follow on how to recreate it and also a link about making your own paint to paint it with.



Task 6- 01.06.20


Here are the French activities with the key vocabulary explained 01.06.20


Don't forget to practise your French on Duolingo. Listen carefully and keep working on your accent. Remember the last letter in many French words is not sounded out:-

e. g.   le cha(t) not le chat

Bonne chance!

History   1.6.20

We are looking at our home town of Ipswich this half term.  We usually have a walk around the town centre but as we are currently unable to do so we will make use of Google maps and street view.

Ipswich & Colchester museums have put together an interesting home learning pack... including how to bake edible dinosaur poo!!!   blush


The National Geographic Kids website has some incredible facts and information...oh, and a few great games too.  


Additional websites

Although we have added more links, do not feel you must try everything. These are here to support you, not make you feel overwhelmed.  Choose wisely.