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Penguins - Reception

 Early Years Curriculum 2020-2021

Speed Sounds

Please feel free to use this video across the summer, to help your child practise their speed sounds in preparation for September. It is under 2 minutes long but will really help to build their confidence.


Welcome to our reflective area! In school, we have collective worship each morning. If you would like to take part in this daily reflection at home, you will find the planning and resources needed below. Each day, we have a short discussion, listen to a story, sing a song and say a prayer together. This area will be updated each week, to match the learning taking place in school. The children will be familiar with the songs and may even know some actions too! 

PE Challenges

Mrs Bigley has sent through some more activities for you! Please do not feel that you need to do them all - just pick and choose the ones you would like to try!

Phonics and Maths

Previous home learning videos...

17.7.20 Phonics (th recap) and Maths (halving/sharing)

15.7.20 Phonics (ur recap) and Maths (counting in 10's/5's)

14.7.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (number bonds)

13.7.20 Phonics ('or' recap) and Maths (days of the week)

10.7.20 Phonics (ure sentence writing) and Maths (doubles)

9.7.20 Phonics (ear/air sentences) and Maths (counting in 2's)

8.7.20 Phonics (ure/ear/air) and Maths (subtraction)

7.7.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (counting in 5's)

2.7.20 Phonics (writing sentences) and Maths (counting in 5's)

30.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (butterfly doubles)

29.6.20 Phonics ('ear') and Maths (days of the week)

26.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (time recap)

25.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/sentences) and Maths (number bonds)

24.6.20 Phonics (er) and Maths (number bonds)

23.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/capital letters) and Maths (time)

19.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/capital letters) and Maths (number bonds to 10)

18.6.20 Phonics (writing sentences) and Maths (introduction to counting in 5's)

17.6.20 Phonics ('oi') and Maths (number formation 11-20)

16.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (number bonds)

15.6.20 Phonics ('ow', 'brown cow') and Maths (doubles)

12.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (addition/counting on)

11.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/sentence writing) and Maths (days of the week)

10.6.20 Phonics ('ar') and Maths (counting in 10's)

9.6.20 Phonics ('oo' recap) and Maths (doubles)

5.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/sorting real and alien words) and Maths (number formation)

4.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds and sentence writing) and Maths (subtraction)

3.6.20 Phonics (long 'oo') and Maths (counting in 2's)

2.6.20 Phonics (speed sounds/key words) and Maths (sharing/finding half)

1.6.20 Phonics (oa) and Maths (introduction to coins)

20.5.20 Phonics ('igh')

14.5.20 Phonics ('ng')


Penguin's Photo Board

Thank you for posting photos of your learning and activities you are doing at home on Tapestry, we love looking at them! We thought it would be nice for you to share with your friends some of the lovely activities you have been doing at home too so we have set up an email for you to send your photos to and then we can put them up on Penguin Class photo board for everyone to see!


  • You can send in one photo each week for us to display on this web page.
  • The photo should show what you have been up to with your Home Learning.
  • If you are in the photo, make sure it doesn't show your name.
  • If you are not in the photo, just put your first name.
  • All photos should be landscape.
  • New photos will be uploaded ready for Friday each week.


Send your photo to:



You must make sure you have your parents' permission to send in any photos.


Reading at Home


Have you checked out Oxford Owl for reading books? There are some fantastic reading books for you to share with each other.  Our Class login details are penguinclassstm and the password is crab. 






There is also another website you can access for fun games which allows your child to practise phonics and reading. It is called Teach Your Monster To Read and is free to use on computers (there is a charge to use on other devices such as iPads). It follows Letter and Sounds which is how phonics has been taught, alongside RWI, in Penguins Class.





Have fun reading together!


General Resources and Information