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P.E & Sports

Sport Premium Funding 2021-22

Another successful term of sporting activity! 


This term we have taken part in Cricket, Quadkids and Rounders. All the children have had a wonderful time representing St Margaret's and have participated to the best of their abilities. 



The first round of competition was held at Copleston High School and both the A and B teams played very well. The A team performed exceptionally well beating all the teams they were up against, resulting in winning the overall competition and going on to the level 2 competition that was held at Felixstowe Cricket Club. Whilst we didn't win this competition the children had a fantastic afternoon and were very proud to be awarded the Fair Team Award.



A great afternoon and evening was spent at Northgate High School participating in the annual Quadkids event. This year we took 20 children from Year 5 and 6 to the event. All the children participated in 4 activities: 600m, standing long jump, 75m and the vortex throw. Team 1 finished 30th and team 2, 55th out of 64 schools.



The final competition of the year. This took place at Sidegate Primary School on the 1st July on a very hot afternoon. A little bit of field envy occurred but once we got over that the children settled down to play 3 schools in a '20 good ball' game. Whilst our fielding was brilliant we did struggle a little when batting and failed to qualify for the next round. As normal the children remained positive and were a credit to St Margaret's.