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Curriculum Information

Our Curriculum - A Guide 


We have undertaken a detailed analysis of the proposals for the new National Curriculum 2014 and combined them with the elements of our existing curriculum to make it irresistible for our pupils. As a result, we have planned a curriculum which is not only progressive throughout the year groups but also offers enrichment activities to allow children to gain more real life experiences. This is our ‘Irresistible Curriculum’.

Every year group throughout the school the teachers have planned a series of topic-based approaches to learning which are firmly rooted upon a set of skills that are progressive. Wherever possible, the topic will be used to link together subjects such as English, Information technology, art, design and technology, geography and history. For example, in Year 6, the children have learnt about Macbeth. This involved the children dressing up as characters from Macbeth to re-enact a banquet scene from the play. Whereby they experienced a banquet and linked this to their English topic by questioning how the characters would have felt and how they would have reacted to each other. This was the result of many weeks work of Topic based English learning.

By linking the separate subjects under the umbrella of a topic we believe the learning becomes more exciting for our children and our teachers.

To add the ‘wow’ factor to these topics, each year group also plans a hands-on experiences during the topic this could be anything from visitors to the school, out of school trips to the local area for further afar, year group topic day, living museums or welcoming expert parents to talk to the children. .

The success of our irresistible curriculum has led to extremely high standards in both the core and foundation subjects and the development of excitement, curiosity, thinking skills and a life-long love for learning. We are equipping our pupils to be not only British citizens but global citizens for life.

Curriculum Content

We believe that the unique curriculum we deliver at St Margaret’s is balanced and broadly based. It plays an integral part in that it:

Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and enables all pupils to develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully and contribute positively to life in modern Britain.