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Class 4


Welcome Back!

A Few Notes on Life in Class 4


 Welcome back to the new term in 2017 and many thanks  for your kind Christmas gifts, very thoughtful.


Mrs Brown has returned from maternity leave and therefore we have had to say goodbye to Mrs Wheeler.  Mrs Baker will continue to teach on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Brown will teach on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


This term we will be learning...

Literacy - To write recounts, reports, different types of poetry and story writing.  We have a major focus on handwriting at the moment and the children will be encouraged to join their letters at all times.  When completing homework please encourage your children to present their writing neatly and joined.


Maths - We will be covering, multiplication methods including the grid method, column addition and subtraction, decimals and fractions, weight and measure and graphs and information.  Please continue to practise all times tables up to 12x12 with your child as they feed into so many areas within maths.


Topic - This term we will be focusing on Ancient Egypt and all our Art, History, Music and DT will be taught with this theme.

We will be heading to the museum in the second half of the term to take part in their Egyptian day however information and dates will be sent out later in the term.


Science - The first half term we will be focusing on 'Electricity', how it is used and produced and making our own circuits using a variety of components. 

Next half term we will be learning about 'our changing world'.  


PE - We will be completing  units of work on Rugby, Dance and two different gymnastic focuses. We will also be learning how to play dodgeball as Mrs Bigley will be taking 6 children to take part in a tournament in February.  We will be having our own class tournaments within lessons so that everyone has a chance to take part. 


  • PE days are Monday and Friday – Children are allowed to wear black or white trainers for PE instead of plimsolls if they wish.
  • Reading


R.E (Religious Education) - We will be looking at the meaning of some Bible stories and thinking about what is meant by a mission. 


ICT - We will be covering all areas of e safety including e mails, research, chat rooms, text messages etc. We will be thinking about how to keep safe in these situations. 


PSHE - Our theme will be money matters and we will look at how to pay for things and budget effectively with our pocket money. 


Your child needs to bring his/her reading book and reading journal to school every day. Children in Class 4 are expected to take their reading book home every night, and to get into a daily reading habit of at least 5-10 minutes independent reading at home. Please make time to hear your child too - perhaps about once a week – Talk to them about what they are reading to check their understanding of vocabulary and overall meaning.


Children should maintain their own reading journal, keeping it up to date. In school your child will read individually and also as a regular activity during Literacy, using a range of texts and genres. Your child will have one reading book and one free choice book. We will encourage them to change their books as often as possible.


  • Homework

This year your child has a Homework Diary and a clear plastic Homework Wallet. Homework tasks are written into the homework diary, and the plastic wallet is for carrying the diary and accompanying worksheets. Homework is set on a Monday and Thursday. Monday homework to be returned on a Monday; Thursday homework to be returned on a Thursday.

Please ensure that your child brings their homework diary into school every  Monday and Thursday with the diary signed by a parent to confirm homework has been completed.

Typical Homework tasks may include

  • Maths – consolidation of class work, Multiplication tables revision and extra challenges.
  • Spellings – weekly, tested on a Thursday.
  • Literacy, Science and/ or Topic work can be expected regularly to support learning. Homework will sometimes involve research or mini projects.
  • If for any reason the homework cannot be completed, please write a note in the diary for the teachers to see on a Monday/Thursday


  • Musical Instrument Tuition

If your child has music tuition during lesson time, they may occasionally need to bring home pieces of work to complete that were missed whilst they were having their music tuition.


And finally…

  • Children are not to bring any toys or personal items into school to play with a break times or lunchtimes as activities and toys will be provided for them.
  • Water Bottles. These need to have a sports cap and are stored in the classroom; the children have access to them at any time. However, these must be taken home each day. It is not possible, or healthy, for water bottles to remain in school for long periods of time and any water bottles that are not taken home at the weekend will be disposed of.
  • Pencil Cases. The children are welcome to bring pencil cases into school, however they are their own responsibility.  If they create too much of a distraction in class they will be asked to take them home and use the equipment in school. After consideration it has been decided that the children  in class 4 can use their pencil cases in the afternoons however in the mornings they are to stay in their bags during numeracy and literacy as they have been creating too much of a distraction ; some children have a vast quantity of stationary that takes up too much space on the tables.
  • Pens. Over the course of the year your child will gain their pen licence. They will be invited to use a pen when completing written work.  However we have to see consistent progress within their handwriting and spelling for this to be achieved. 
  • Class 4's teaching assistant this year is Mrs Templeton

We are very much looking forward to teaching your child this year. We hope it will be one of achievement and enjoyment. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see either one of us should you have any query.


Mrs Brown and Mrs Baker