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St Margaret's CEVA Primary School

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Class 2C

Welcome to 2C!


In class 2C there are 30 children, our teacher is Mrs Curtis and our TA is Mrs Downey.  Mrs Kwei will be teaching Class 2C on Wednesday mornings.


This term our topic is 'I need a hero!' and we are excited to be learning about a range of fictional and real life heroes and their adventures. We are also carrying out lots of investigations in Science to see which materials could be used to help Traction Man on his missions; we will be designing and making our very own superhero capes and creating some pop art!

Our curriculum: This year, on our topic afternoons we will be working with Class 2P. You might have heard from your child that this term our topic is I need a hero! Throughout the term we will be learning about superheroes, real life heroes and investigating the best materials to create a superhero cape! Our spring topic will be African Adventure and our summer topic is titled Journey into the un-known.


Numeracy: We will be covering a range of areas including: Adding and Subtracting, Multiplication (2, 5 and 10 times tables) and Division, Fractions – ½’s ¼’s and 1/3rds, Measure including ‘time’, Data – block graphs and pictograms and Shape – 2D and 3D.


LiteracyWe will be writing for a range of genres continuing to develop our phonological knowledge, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Guided reading will happen on a regular occurrence.


Handwriting: Our school policy is that children will be taught to join their letters together as quickly as possible as this is more natural, efficient method of writing than single letter formation. In year 2 the children will be expected to try joining their letters when writing. Naturally, they will have plenty of opportunities to learn, practise, and refine their skills in class. Whilst they are learning, the writing is not always pretty but please bear with your child as they begin to master this skill. By the end of the year it will be expected that all children will be joining their handwriting. You can help by encouraging your child to write like this at home and where possible model it when you write shopping lists, Christmas cards etc. The more children see you have a go the more they will want to have a go too.


Reading: Tuesday and Friday will be our book changing day, however please ensure that your child brings their book bag to school everyday. In their book bag there will be two reading books, as well as two books for an adult to read and discuss with them. The children will continue to have access to their Bug Club e-books as well.


PE: This will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays; the children need to have the correct clothing and footwear. Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named – we have already discovered several jumpers which seem to be nameless. Don’t forget, long hair needs to be tied back. Throughout the year it is useful if you could check your child’s plimsolls, as feet do have a tendency to grow!


Homework: Across the curriculum, your child will receive a variety of homework, which will consist of a mixture of practical and written tasks. Please help and support your child in all these tasks. Friday will be the day to hand in their home work folders.


Rewards: All the children have the opportunity to achieve stars towards their Going for Gold Awards. These are achieved through being helpful, demonstrating good behaviour, respect towards others. Within the class we use the traffic light system to monitor the children’s behaviour. All the children start on the green at the beginning of each day. Team points are awarded for great learning and academic achievements.


Water bottle: Please can you send your child with a water bottle every day. It does need to be clearly named.


Home: If your child is going to SMASH or is picked up by someone other than yourself, please can you ensure that you let me know.


Letters: Many parents have circular letters sent home via email, however, sometimes we do send home paper copies for specific, class related events. These letters will be put in the children’s book bags, so do remember to check. If you are still receiving paper copies of letters and would like to receive them by email, please go and speak to the office.


Free School Meals: The present government introduced some changes to funding from April last year. All grants were removed and replaced by the new Pupil Premium. The amount that we will receive each year is now based on the number of pupils entitled to Free School Meals. If you are entitled to Free School Meals, even if you do not take them up, please register as soon as possible, so that our school does not lose out on crucial funding. Data is taken from the school during the middle of January, on which the funding for the next financial year will be based.

Application forms can be obtained from the office, or from Children & Young People’s Services, or alternatively these can be downloaded from the following website



Packed Lunches: Please ensure that your child’s full name, and new class, is clearly marked on the boxes so that the lunchtime helpers can deliver the boxes to the correct class after lunch.


Finally, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for all your help and support, and I look forward to meeting you all throughout the year.


Mrs Curtis