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St Margaret's CEVA Primary School

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Class 1M

Welcome to Class 1M


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Class 1M. During the week the class is taught by Mrs Maudsley and supported by Mrs Welham, however on Tuesday afternoons the class is taught by Mrs Gopinath.


Spring Term



Writing:-There are daily opportunities to write for a variety of purposes - lists, sentences, labels, poetry, story writing and reporting whilst developing a joined handwriting style. Children will be encouraged to be creative in their choice of vocabulary and to use their phonic knowledge to write words.


Reading;- In the early years of developing readers, regular daily practice is extremely important. Children reading the same words over a few days will be able to recognise and recall these words more quickly. Consequently they will soon be able to read a variety of words and have a greater access to more books.


It will help your child if you can sit together, preferably in a quiet spot away from distractions, and read through the book together. Try not to rush your child, they should feel relaxed, encourage them to sound out words if they are able to, if not tell the child what the word is and carry on reading. Talk to your child about the story; Who is it about? Did you expect that to happen? What would you have done? Most children also enjoy being read to, so if your child is reluctant to read to you, we suggest reading a couple of pages each. Please record all home reading in the reading diary provided.

Pupils will change their books every Friday. Each pupil will have two reading books that are appropriate to their phonic understanding. They will also be able to choose one book from the classroom book corner to take home and share with you.


Daily numeracy lessons will develop counting and comparing numbers, understanding the value of numbers


Topic – Our World

Geography – Journeys around the world

History – local and national heroes

DT – hinges and catches

Art - inspired by our world



Plant Detectives

What changes with the seasons? – Spring


Pupils will receive their homework each Monday. Please ensure it is returned to school on Monday so that it can be marked and returned to the children promptly.


P.E. and Games

P.E. kit will be needed in school on a Wednesday and Thursday. We suggest children keep their kit in school and we will ensure that it goes home half termly to be washed. Ensuring that your child is able to dress themselves at home will help them immensely when changing for P.E. and Games.


Other Information

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.


It would be helpful if each child could bring a named water bottle to school every day. A morning snack of seasonal fruit is provided each morning. Please ensure pupils have weather appropriate clothing every day, particularly as the weather gets colder. Pupils are NOT allowed to bring toys to school. Pupils should bring their book bags to school EVERY day.


Special Activities

As part of our science we will be taking pupils on local walks to develop their observation skills, knowledge and understanding. We would be grateful for parent helpers on these days. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you would be available to help.

As part of art we will be involved in an art WOW DAY based on pop art.


The Class Contract

All of the children have worked together to develop a code of conduct to allow everyone to learn well and enjoy school. It is expected that this will provide a supportive environment in which to work and play.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to pop in and have a chat.


Mrs Maudsley